Display Shelf Retail VS Hang Display

The importance of product placement for consumers is of primary concern for any retailer. Eye-catching displays and enticing decorations are always on storefronts, encouraging people to come and enjoy themselves by perusing the merchandise within the halls of stores. What comes with this is the perpetual need for more stock and product display options to quench the consumers’ thirst. For your display shelf retail needs, plastic hooks for hanging are the best thing. 

Shelves vs. Hang Display 

Display Shelf Retail hang tabs 01Shelves are great for most things. Bulkier objects, heavier ones—shelves are better for such things. We certainly wouldn’t want our gallon-jugs of detergent hanging from hooks. 

Shelves have their cons however, in that the products placed on the first row obscure the consumers’ view, and the higher or lower a shelf is from the direct view of the consumer, i.e., the further from eye-level, the harder it is to see the shelves’ contents. 

Besides the things put onto them, the shelves themselves obscure the customers’ view. The glory of a product’s packaging is in the eye of the beholder, who, in this case, is the consumer. Nothing ruins this magic more than an obscured view. 

This is why, for eye-catching finesse, the importance of display hang tabs cannot be overstressed. The humble adhesive tab strategically placed on your product increases its presence like nothing else. 

If you want customers to notice something, place it right in front of their eyes. Products hanging from hooks and pegs are far more easily seen than something collecting dust at the back of the topmost shelf in a store aisle. For this very important purpose of product placement, nothing beats a good hang tab

The Influence of Plastic Hooks for Hanging

When considering your display shelf retail needs, making the most out of product visibility is not the only aspect a retailer must think of. Utilizing the limited resource of space is just as important. Adding rows of display hooks and pegs for your products can double the number of merchandise one can put out. With the use of plastic hooks for hanging, you will undoubtedly get more use from the limited space available. 

Display Shelf Retail hang tabs 02Another advantage that many do not realize is that durable, high-quality hanger tabs are the only smart way to go. Although cheaper alternatives may be in the market, investing in good plastic hooks for hanging your valuable merchandise can ultimately save the products from fall damage and even your customers from any untoward incidents. 

Perhaps another overlooked aspect in display hang retail with regards to good quality adhesive tabs is whether they are environmentally sound or not. With previous types of hang tabs, plastics now regarded as detrimental to the environment were used. However, with newer technology, there are now PET plastic hooks for hanging, helping ease the burden on nature without sacrificing on revenue. This also helps boost consumer confidence in the long run. 

The influence of a good hang tag can even trickle down multiple aspects of your products and your business. Having the good business sense of procuring only high-quality materials for every aspect of your products will influence a higher outlook towards your business. Customers value a business that values quality. Having good, clean and high-quality adhesive tabs to beautify and elevate your products can boost your business in ways you did not expect. 

How Hang Tabs Australia can Help

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