About Us

Hang Tabs Australia now services Europe via its UK operationsNew Zealand, South Africa and the USA. It will soon start servicing other regions in the world, including Japan.

Ukhangtabs.co.uk is a division of Hang Tabs Australia Pty Ltd , VAT registered in 2009, to service the UK and surrounding European markets for Self Adhesive Hang Tabs.  The Director and also the Manager at the time (Both Engineers) had experience with Hang Tabs with previous dealing in two major Overseas Brands of Hang Tabs; Do-It CorporationMinigrip*.
*see comments below

It is the Mission of Hang Tabs Australia is to be the world’s expert supplier for Hang Tabs; insuring ethical manufacturing practices and ethical materials are used. We focus extensively on Hang Tabs.  With a focus maintained on Hang Tabs, we aim to present as the experts for this product.  On occasion there are custom requirements and Hang Tabs Australia has the flexibility and ability to produce custom requirements with confidence and speed.

We carefully monitor the performance of our Hang Tabs and always seek to improve our Hang Tabs performance and range so that they represent the Best Value and Best Performing Hang Tabs in the world.

A very strong focus on our range of Hang Tabs is placed on how easy it is to handle and sub distribute the products.  All our clients quickly see the thought behind our product range when they receive their first supply. Another very strong focus is on customer service and product back up.  All clients from small to large have access to the General Manager to answer their queries or concerns.

It is often wrongly argued that items like Hang Tabs are best purchased from a supplier that can also provide a multitude of other products –hence streamlining your companies ordering and paperwork;
A lot Hangs on our Hang Tabs; avoiding the streamlined paperwork approach will insure benefits to your company including ongoing savings, correct tab choice, expertise and Hang Tabs specific product service plus product support – something goes wrong we are there to help!.

* While Do-It Corporation has an extensive and focussed range of Hang Tabs, there appeared to be a willingness of Do-It to use environmentally questionable PVC, which does not match our ethical profile.

On the other hand, the Minigrip Range, being a very small part of what Minigrip does, was only using PET for its Hang Tabs, however, as we later found out, the performance of the Hang Tabs was far from impressive.

Our manufacturing partner approached us bringing a history of over 30 years in adhesive products and top 500 clients among their references. They had little experience with Hang Tabs but a superb knowledge of adhesives and an eagerness to become the world’s Best manufacturer of Hang Tabs.

Following the directions of our Manager, a succinct range of Hang Tabs was developed and an exhaustive program of standardised tests began (and continues to this day). Cross reference tests with other brands of Hang Tabs were organised and they insure and prove our hang tabs equal or outperform all other alternatives.