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[DELTA LARGE 3-WAYS] Hangtabs - 1 Box (1000) pcs.

Made of PET with procedures in place to recycle waste material.
Who else in Australia avoids supplying hang tabs produced with environmentally questionable PVC?


For convenience, we have limited the Sheets to contain only 10 Hang Tabs. This incredibly versatile format has the ability to be used as Single Tabs or folded over for boxes and heavy awkward packs and bags.

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AUD 155.43

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AUD 84.83

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AUD 52.40
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Per 1000 pcs AUD 155.43 AUD 144.43 AUD 84.83 AUD 58.21 AUD 52.40
Per 500 pcs AUD 77.72 AUD 72.22 AUD 42.42 AUD 29.11 AUD 26.20


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X AUD 155.43

  • Specifications
  • 1500
  • Flexible
  • 2
  • 950
  • Sheet Form
  • 1000
  • 50
  • Delta Slot Hang Tabs
  • 51.5
  • 50
  • 10
  • 730
  • 1000


Our maximum weight ratings are for guide purposes only. All customer applications should be tested and verified by the customer due to the number of variables involved.

Based on a Double Peg Hang Test

Over 2 Years attached to a Stainless Steel surface this tab held a weight of 1000gms. This test showed an improvement of more than 25% against a leading European brand of a similar size/format Hang Tab.


The versatility of this Hang Tab cannot be overlooked.
Pairs of HangTabs are joined by an easy separate perforation to enable the Hangtabs to be used in pairs or as single hang tabs.

In pairs the Hangtabs can be placed either side of a heavier bag.

In pairs the Hangtabs can be placed both on the rear and the top of a Box with more depth to help prevent the natural peeling effect of a single hangtab hanging a product with depth. 

All goods are dispatched after an invoice has been provided and payment is received. To maintain our best possible pricing, without building in finance related charges, we do not offer credit accounts.