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Model: EURO Large -Three Ways – Perforated - Hot Melt


Reinforcing or Repair (Duration approximately 2- 4 weeks):

Use as a Pair for most applications 500 grams to 1 Kilogram

Separate (tear at perforation) for individual use with applications below 500 grams

Figure 1. EUTAB-LGE1.0WH as a Pair

Figure 2. Aligning the Hang Tab for Reinforcing or Repair

Figure 3. Hang Tab(s) in Position

Figure 4. Adhesive are of Hang Tabs Firmly Pressed Down

Figure 5. Wrong and Right - A Quick Example of Where to apply the Hang Tabs(s)

Figure 6. Staples NO!!

Hanging Merchandise without Hang Sell Packaging

1.0 Boxes: Using a Pair of Hang Tabs

2.0 Bags up to 500 Grams: Using a Single Hang Tab