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When Should I Use a Delta Slot Hang Tab and When Should I Use a Euro Slot Hang Tab?

When Should I Use a Delta Slot Hang Tab and When Should I Use a Euro Slot Hang Tab?

Euro Large Econo Pad Form Delta Large Hang Tabs pad Form
Interestingly, the answer is they are generally interchangeable and perform identical functions. Applications of HangTabs Sometimes called "Scotchpads", "Do-Its" or "sticky hooks", they allow for packs devoid of hang sell capabilities (or damaged hangsell features) to be hung on pegs or hook displays. has a world major mixture of efficiency, value, product packaging and ethical standards in position in order to satisfy the broad majority of Hangtabs consumers. We put the extra thought in to the design and construction of our product and spend some money where it should be spent " avoiding cutting corners or selling dubious materials like PVC peppered (without disclosing it in web information) within our range. Users of "Scotchpads" will in most cases come to us saying we would like a product like the "Scotchpad" but without worrying about sharp corners " something we have guaranteed we do not have in our range - spending the money - needing to use more material to avoid this hangtab problem.


Euro slot hang tabs have a closed hanging hole configuration that can hang straight when placed on 1 rail or peg or when put on a dual rail or peg. A Dual rail/peg may help distribute the hanging load on a hangtab or a hangsell aspect of a product. A single rail/peg helps squeeze more products into a provided display area. Manufacturers and suppliers who wants to have the greatest flexibility for the Point of Sale show to hang their merchandise will choose a Euro slot hangtab so that independent of what the retail outlet has set up, one or dual rails, they will still be able to hang the products.


Likewise, Delta Slot Hangtabs have a closed hanging hole configuration. The Delta Slot hangtabs hang straight on a single or dual rail also. Choosing between a Euro Slot and a Delta Slot profile is certainly more a cosmetic choice. There could be a stronger prevalence of the Delta Slot hang tab in the United States markets along with a stronger prevalence of the Euro Slot hang tabs in Europe. With the world turning into a smaller place, the use of Scotchpads can take place on one side of the world to be hung on the other side of the world so the combination of Euro Slot hang Tabs and Delta Slot Hang Tabs is becoming more homogenised.

The dual rails or pegs used for Delta slot or Euro Slot hang tabs have a minimum standardised width demanding a delta slot or Euro Slot width having a minimum of 29.5mm. With a slot this big the actual hang tab width demands to be wider again. In some instances the product to be hung will not be greater than thirty millimeters wide and in this case usually a simple Hole Slot hangtab is used as it can have a width of under 20mm. There is still the option to use Euro slot hang tabs and Delta slot hang tabs " only the adhesive needs to be trimmed to match the width of the merchandise.


UKHangTabs has Euro slot and Delta slot hang tabs in a couple formats. There is a sheet format where the hang tabs are laid down in a pattern of 6,8,10 or 12 pieces. These sheets are stacked and packed into tight packed bags and these bags are in turn tight packed into protective card board boxes. There is likewise the Pad form Hangtabs " the same as the Scotchpad product. The tight packaging of the delta slot and euro slot hangtabs offers 2 very important results " almost no significant shipment damage and hangtabs which are completely flat up to the time you need to add your euro slot or delta slot hangsell capability.

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2013-04-18 17:25:02

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