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Self Adhesive Hooks and Universal Hangstrips

Self Adhesive Hooks and Universal Hangstrips has self adhesive hooks and universal hangstrips for the small and large retailer or manufacturer. solely stocks and has produced PET hangtabs.

We are aware of some large suppliers of hang tabs which do not limit the use of components to PET. Some hangstrips are created with environmentally questionable PVC material. PVC is undoubtedly an environment unethical plastic material and there have been several calls throughout the world for excluding its use within product packaging or tightly regulating it's utilization. Obviously there could be those involved with the platics market that would have economic interest in proclaiming that PVC is a wonder product devoid of environment complications whatsoever.


At our philosophy appears to be a little different and that we are paying attention to all the issues raised with the use of PVC especially when compared to PET and we have made an ethical decision not to go after the "cheap sale" of hangtabs at the likely expense of the environment. The hangstrips available at are available in a variety of hanging profiles, some of which are typically identified as Euro Slot, Delta Slot, Round Hole and Hook.

Hang Tabs Profiles

Delta Profile Euro Profile Hook Profile


Product Shape: What Shapes Can I Hang and How Should They Hang?


Single self adhesive hooks are best for hanging items which are flat instead of products with any significant depth. When a product has depth, by way of example a box of tissues, a single hang tab placed on a back face will lead to the item hanging on an angle. The greater the angle a product hangs, the greater the peeling force on the Hang Tab. For light-weight products this hanging angle probably won't matter; for heavier products this hanging angle can result in the hang tab failing quite quickly. has a couple of remedies for heavier items that are inclined to hang on an angle with the application of one standard Hang Tab.


Hang Tabs Performance


All of the following have an affect on the effectiveness of the hang tabs:

  • Hanging time
  • Hanging Temperature
  • Hanging Surface Material

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2013-04-18 17:26:15

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