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Pad Form Hang Tabs and Their Benefits

Pad Form Hang Tabs and Their Benefits

Normally, hang tabs are made up of clear plastic with hooks or holes useful to hang items using its sticky area at the lower portion. You can find 4 well known models for hang tabs, Euro Slot, Delta Slot, Round Hole or Hook.

Hang Tabs are a fast and useful technique to install a hanging option to products. Most widespread utilization of hangtabs are for products with no hanging holes to their packaging, their packaging was impaired and the hanging holes might need some improvment, or products which packaging but does not necessitate hanging holes.

Hang Tabs or self-adhesive hooks are normally offered in sheet form and in roll form. About four up to twenty hang tabs in sheet formats are offered using one sheet of backing paper. The sheets are then bundled in a bag or box. The most affordable and most basic format of scotchpads is the sheet form. Hang Tabs are also often supplied in Roll form. Mechanical applicators utilized in substantial volume applications would benefit from roll format. For some other method of application, sticky hooks roll format isn't the best choice to be used, although it may be the only one made available to them by smaller hang tabs suppliers.

The Pad form is the 3rd format of scotchpads. This remarkable format of sticky hooks involves stacking 5 to 10 pieces of hangtabs on top of each other. Top hangtabs are taken off the stack after which employed on the product. This must be where scotchpad has obtained its name. Do-its produced by the Do It Corporation, also supply these hangtabs in pad form.

In reconstructing the packaging of some hanging products, the pad format is invaluable and simple to disperse among floor staff. By taking the products into the customers’ eye level using hangtabs or hangstrips, it can substantially improve sales. Pad format is very handy, you can carry two hundred (200) hang tabs in your pocket unnoticeably, something not smart with sheet or roll form.

Ordering in extremely high volume, pad form hang tabs is most likely the most value effective format mainly because of the tiny amount of backing paper it needs as it is shared by the stack. What this means is that a pad form hangtab just like the scotchpad have only 1 piece of backing paper for Ten pieces of hangtabs. This is not feasible with other formats similar to the sheet or roll form. Another advantage has to do with the production process where this format can have longer lasting costly die cutting moulds which may be passed on to clients.

The pad format is usually a flexible piece of hang tab where its hanging part is a rigid PET and the lower portion is the sticky section. Performing a comparison between same size rigid and flexible hang tabs, the maximum holding weights and endurance is 25% less for flexible hangtabs. Its capability to fold up for packing is the compensation for this weak spot. For example, if a manufacturer adding hanging option at the top of their products with the use of flexible Euro Slot hang tabs,they still can use their regular same shipping cartons as the euro slot hang tabs are flexible.

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2013-04-24 23:22:56

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