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Hang Tab Producers – Cutting Corners?

Hang Tab Producers – Cutting Corners?

Apparently , manufacturers of delta slot and euro slot hang tabs are cutting corners by not cutting the corners.

A Prevalent Oversight and expediency of competitor manufacturing is to leave sharp or pointy corners at the top of their Hang Tabs. These sharp corners can cut or hurt users and personnel. We actually have competitors pay for us when their customers recognise this hassle.


An inquiry came to us via our web site and it was remarked upon that they didn't want to buy the scotchpad hang tabs given that they had pointy edges on the top of the sticky hooks that the client was considering.


None of our hang tabs have sharp or pointy corners and to insure this we need to dedicate more material and care to produce our sticky hooks. We discussed to the purchaser the subsequent choices:


3M™ ScotchPad™ Hang Tab 1074 is a similar size to our hang tab HOLE MEDIUM - PAD FORM

3M™ ScotchPad™ Hang Tab 1075 is a similar size to our hang tab DELTA LARGE - PAD FORM has recently improved its web page and added a number of small volume pack selections for hang tabs. There are furthermore some suprisingly low cost freight selections for these lesser packages. We are working with purchasers that may make use of as low as 500 stick hooks each year up to purchasers that use over five million hang tabs annually.


Also known as Do-It's the self-adhesive hooks are put on products at the point of manufacturing in addition to the point of purchase. In the case of the point of sale application the product is applied to obtain better visibility for items that are not packed to hang sell. Often this strategy of using sticky hooks is performed together with making use of hang strip. provides hangstrip in a continuous roll format with perforations for easy cutting to length. You could possibly point out hangstrips and hangtabs are considered the most appropriate "vertical marketing" solution to raise line of sight customers sales.


If you are pondering what in addition - in addition to sharp corners, will differentiate one brand of hang tabs from another, our straightforward reply is the dedication of the supplier to do it right. and Hang Tabs Australia Pty Ltd do not "cut corners", and do not spice up their hang tabs range with environmentally doubtful PVC merely to seem to have the most cost effective alternatives. All the Hang Tabs we provide are produced using PET (not PVC material). Each of the Hang Tabs we produce have been cross examined alongside Major brand hang tabs like Do It and 3M and demonstrably reveal equal or noticeably improved longevity of hanging with a given set of weight loads (using standardised adhesive testing techniques). We are aware of some large suppliers of do-its which don't restrict the utilization of components to PET. Some do-its are manufactured with environmentally questionable PVC material. PVC is an ecologically unethical plastic-type where there have been a number of calls around the globe for banning its utilization in packaging or totally regulating it's usage. Needless to say there will be those involved with the platics trade that may have financial interest in proclaiming that PVC is a wonder product without environment issues at all.


Rather than present you with a myriad of sticky hook selections with random in-house reference numbers that you need to recall we have plain English good sense names for our hang tabs which are easy to remember and cover almost all hanging applications.

  • Delta-Small
  • Delta-Medium
  • Delta-Large
  • Delta-Large-3Ways
  • Euro-Mini
  • Euro-Large
  • Euro-Large-Econo
  • Euro-Heavy Duty
  • Hole-Small
  • Hole-Medium
  • Hook-Small
  • Hook-Large
  • Hook-Heavy Duty
  • Hang Strip

We also have a variety of products that are not listed on our web sites because they are not regularly used so We do not want to confuse many buyers with a myriad of minority application options.


For greater volume requirements, Hang Tabs can be produced to a specific size and shape. No one moves through the process more quickly with Design-Drawings-Packaging-Samples-Production within 4-6 weeks.

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2013-04-18 17:23:55

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